2016 Approved Treatments

2016 Wisconsin HivePestControlTreatments

Oxalic Acid Treatment by Dr. Marion Ellis

Hopguard Application

City of Racine Beekeeping Ordinance 2-05

Property owners in the City of Racine wishing to keep bees are regulated by Section 10-43 of the Municipal Code. Please contact the city with any questions.


WI Department of Agriculture – Selling Honey Requirements


Honey Harvesting

Thanks to Rich Herout for providing this narrative on harvesting and sanitation.

Honey Harvesting

Web based introductory beekeeping training program



Special thanks to the Ohio State Beekeepers Association!

Swarm Season

A honeybee swarm is a natural phenomenon whereby a portion of an existing colony leaves their hive in search of a new home. Apparently bees are not the best planners and often times do not have a new home selected before they leave. The swarm of bees will then congregate in an area and create a large ball of bees around their queen as scout bees search for a new place to take up residence.

If you encounter a swarm we request that you do not call an exterminator or spray them with pesticide. Honeybee swarms are a gift of nature and are simply looking for a new place to live. They will leave for their new home in a day or so.

Honeybees are stinging insects and if disturbed they will protect themselves. Please keep all people and animals a safe distance from the swarm.

Finally, please feel free to contact our association and one of our members may be able to hive the swarm and relocate it for you. Please use the email address on our contact page and provide us with a location and phone number. A member in your area will call you back as soon as possible to coordinate. Our members generally reside in the Racine County, Kenosha County, and Lake County (IL) areas.

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Racine/Kenosha Beekeepers’ Association Bylaws

The Association’s Bylaws 6-2-04 can be viewed through this link.